Christmas wishes in Malayalam language, Christmas 2016 wishes in Malayalam, every year Christmas celebrations are touch the sky in Kerala, because many Malayalam people are followed Jesus Christ then the Christmas 2016 celebrations are continue from the month of November, on this people are searching for Christmas wishes malayalam free download, Christmas greetings in malayalam for facebook, christmas wishes in Malayalam, Christmas wishes in malayalam font, no doubt this years Christmas celebrations are at peak, Christmas countdown also started in some countries, here our latest creation of Christmas and new year wishes in Malayalam.

First I told one thing on Christmas you must prepare before one month because you have many programs and so busy at that time you are nor prepare best Christmas wishes for Malayalam, you can find christmas message in malayalam youtube so no problem for your busy life, we are taking all care for creation of Christmas greeting in malayalam words, Christmas sayings in Malayalam, the amazing moment will come to your home that is Christmas on that day God Jesus born on earth for clean our sins, christmas wishes for friends in Malayalam, yes this is the truth, from bible we are found many truths why Jesus Christ born on Earth, Jesus is the only son of God, really God Jesus faced many troubles on the earth for us, every trouble faced by God Jesus for us believe or not this is the Universal Truth.

Christmas message in Malayalam language

Krismas Sisan Usmalamaya Pracarippikkuka
Samadhanaparamayi Sthalam I Leakattinre
Asansakal Tri Jivikkuka
Maneaharamaya Sthalam Veld
Santeasakaramaya Krishmas

Ninnalute Ella Svapnannal Satyam Varunnu
Daivam Yesukristuvinre Anugrahannalalum
Annane Krismas Tri Kilil Prartthikkum
Krismas Ratri Ninnalute Jivitattil
Urjjasvalaraya Vijayam Netukayum
Happy Krismas 2016

christmas greeting in malayalam
Nyu Visvasam Nyu Visvasikkunnu
Putiya Abhilasannalum Putiya Arambhamatre Marrum
Krismas Ella Karyattinum Turakkan Mikacca Samayam
Daivam Yesuvine Visvasattinre Mukata Kututal Netukayum
Nalla Phalannal
Meri Krismas Putuvatsara 2016

Ivite Priya Suhrtt Pustakamakkanam an
Krismas Sisan Santeasattil
Ninnal Anugrahannal Prapikkan Ceyyum
Samadhanavum Snehavum Santeasavum netukayum
Happy Christmas 2016

Jesus has been acclaimed he is the  greatest religious leader of the world, and as being unique to the degree that no one can be compared to Jesus Christ as religious leader and he is influenced billions of people in the Universe.

He was Preexistent with the Father. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:2, 3)

Friends again I wish you Happy Christmas, God Jesus give his all blessings to the Universe

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